Fiona Ryder (Flynn Rider gender-switch)

When I moved into university in September I had to leave a lot of stuff at home. One of the things I had to leave was my mannequin. This meant I had no way of finishing the Schuyler Sisters set of costumes. I’d finished Angelica’s under dress but couldn’t finish the over dress, and my two ‘sisters’ had moved to separate parts of the country. So I began searching pinterest for inspiration of a new, fairly simple, outfit to make. I began leaning towards making a Rapunzel costume before I realised that wasn’t a costume I wanted to rush- I wanted the ability to spend my time getting every piece of embroidery right and every seam line in the right place.

bodice design details                                                       …
Disney gave us such good views of the construction, you have to do it accurately.

Then I found this picture from Maby-Chan (her stuff is really worth a look if you’re looking for any kind of costume inspiration)

This was a much simpler outfit to make, I could get away with only making the corset and sourcing the rest from charity stores if I needed to, and so I began drafting the corset pattern, I’m already writing a post about how I made this which should be up in the next few days. I made the corset and bag, but sourced the rest from charity shops/ebay, here’s the finished costume.



2 thoughts on “Fiona Ryder (Flynn Rider gender-switch)

  1. You are not going to continue The Schuyler Sisters project then? Aaaaw :c I really like it, in fact Im going to make Angelica’s Dress for my school theater activity, I think I can do it up to where you came (Sorry, English is not my first language and actually is a little hard to me translate all your instructions but Im fine with that) But I was hoping that you published something more, sadly now I know that you won’t finished that absolutely gorgeous dresses , but afortunately you save my life with your project. Thanks ❤



    • Thank you for your comment! I am looking to finish the Schuyler Sisters dresses, hopefully by around May. The problem was I moved to university in September and have not had enough time or space to sew something as large as these dresses. But this term I have way less work to do and have made it my goal to do more sewing. Keep watching, I should have something out in the next two weeks.


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