Superhero plushies

So as I explained in this post, I’ve been unable to work on my Schuyler sisters project during the month of August due to a few other projects. The first was my dress for my Nan’s wedding. The second project that consumed my time was actually two projects. Both of my best friends birthdays are in August and both are huge fans of the Marvel universe. I spent months searching for the perfect gift for each of them and kept coming back to the plush dolls sold all over etsy.

Then I realised it was silly to spend £15 + shipping on something I could make myself, so I set about drafting a pattern to make 3 different plushies.

They’re really cute and my friends are both already enacting mock battles between their dolls in homage to the recent Civil War film. (You’d never believe it was their 18th birthdays).

I have made Iron Man, Captain America and Winter Soldier patterns, and at my brothers request I’m now working on a Thor pattern. I’m considering making these available on my etsy shop as PDF’s complete with instructions for putting the plushies together. Would anyone be interested?

I think it’s much cheaper to do it this way than buy a pre-made doll. I used an old pillow to stuff the dolls, but even if you buy stuffing you should spend no more than £5-8 per doll including the cost of felt (in England you get felt for 50p a sheet). Also this way your gift has the added benefit of being handmade and exactly what you envisioned!


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